Slisk Lindqvist aka Querzion.

First of, this is mainly the phi-lo-so-phy’s of a mad man, but it has it’s moments of truth and sanity. I am a morally strict & righteous person and I usually write about the fault’s that I notice in society overall, that others just seems to miss totally. There is a need for some change in the world, and I am dedicated in giving out my version of the macro-problems. It’s not easy to see the big picture if you stay in a micro-bubble of a life. I have my own strange thoughts about most stuff, and my interests just range within the macro of life phi-lo-so-phy (grow slow, bloom big).

All life is Equal, All life is Sacred.
Respect Life, and Life will Respect you.

Slisk Lindqvist

We are all connected, in one or the other way, it’s true and it no longer depends on what you be-lie-ve in, only what your truth is, and we all need to recognize that we have two truth’s, our own and the general truth. It’s not always the right thing to hold on to either of them, since we all have our own separate perspective of everything that is going on around us.

So who is Slisk Lindqvist? I am no one.

Would you even be able to see the good around you?
Even if you stared it in the face. That is a good
question, and this is partly what I want to understand

Those who walks past it and don’t PICK IT UP, are of the same mentality as the one that littered, even if you would never intend to ever do the same.

Slisk Lindqvist

Holy Grail - Some History of the Past.

I might see things in a very odd way, but how I see it, kind of just creates the understanding of some illusions. Like the fountain of youth, that is a water perspective. Lie in a bathtub, bring your eyes to a bit above the water level, and move your hand as far away from you as possible and play around with it under the water near the surface and you will se your hand change size, and it will look like you have become younger. It is actually very nice to experience, gives you some perspective. 

Former part of the dead, that after a
three day cleanse(serotonin syndrome);
can stand before God(Life(force)); and
try my best as a messiah(messenger);
to give you a truth that exceeds your
normal day of life, where we respect
all that is, because we know, our
truth is not the whole truth. 
There is a forgotten 
way of life, 
that is on
it’s rise, 
where we
once again,
reconnect with 
everything around us, 
humans, animals, insects &
nature. Be part of that, by respecting

Blog information!

I have been writing posts since 2009 on my old blog, and I have been moving everything here, because not only do I hand out information to people that is new for me, but I also have old thoughts and behaviors throughout life that crafted me to who a am now, and I deal with truth, being actually not being perfect in the eyes of others, but I have always been the perfection of creation, maturing with all new experience. 

I don’t censur my life, I know that I have done things in the past that I later on didn’t like, but you don’t mature over night, I was not built over night. So there will be experiences of all kinds written here. My past is not how I am now, no History is nice and clean, and if it is, then it’s most likely a false version created in order to make you look better in the eyes of others.

PHI-Lo-So-PHY; Grow Slow, Bloom Big.

Slisk Lindqvist

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