So I have been thinking, seems like the Old Testament is a very aggressive story in some sense’s and because of this, It might have been doctored by the ‘Holy Roman Empire’…. In order to actually control people through pacifism, which isn’t all that bad is it? A pacifist is a person that rather listens and speak, using the word to control the situation instead of the hands. Which in itself is really interesting.

I Am a pacifist, and has been for most of my life. There are so many that are faithful to the story of Christ. Wow, I think I just became an anti-christ by acknowledging that he might never have been anything else then a fictional character, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, even if it’s a lie or not, it’s still with some kind of good intention, there is nothing that is utterly bad, without something good coming out of it, we have had a world riddled with wars all because of limited understanding of each other, or differences in perspectives of a situation.

I’ve been thinking of the messiah, what is the real ordeal of the messiah, is he here to cause a mess, is he the trickster, or the one that will straighten out the past so that the future can be clean from the fruition of the snake’s eternal lies of what is and isn’t right or wrong, how I see it, it was never about making people falter about god, but rather to uplift the divinity in people by telling truth’s that would eventually cause havoc because people couldn’t possibly live without someone to look up too. I have been in the situation where I was seen as someone to be, because I stated how I live and what I do and what not, and I felt like I became an Idol, when I broke one thing that I had said I did not do, which was drinking, that person, kind of stopped talking to me, because she could no longer look up to me as something to strive towards. I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to be, and experience things.

I have been thinking of Christ, in a way, did he save everyone by dying for your sins or did he just tell himself, that they do not know what they are doing and because of this he also stated that they shouldn’t be punished for their deeds. That doesn’t mean you are saved, that means he forgave those that mistook him for a bad person. If he existed….. Christ for me is basically Crystal, meaning one who is clear. Thinks clear, see’s clear.

So what is the messiah supposed to be doing? There are soooooooo many messianic stories going around all over the world also, there are ragnarok also, where all gods die, what if gods are real, but we have all become gods without knowing it, would we even see ourselves as gods if everyone are equal in standing? It’s a strange thing to state perhaps, but it’s a question non the least.



As of now I have basically looked into the whole Messiah, Jesus, Pahana, Manchild, Balder, Quetzalcoatl, Kulkulkan, and a whole bunch of more deities. There is perhaps 20 more stories and it’s from all continents and they are all about a deity being played a fool, that will restore the world with his wisdom and yeah, that person might be me, might be you, don’t know. If I go to Egypt and a giant snake makes me blind on one eye  in the underground tunnels of the Giza plateau and I get to see the halls of records afterwards, then I’m going to be a bit scared, because then I would be that person that is supposed to be this idiot saving the world right, the thing is, is there really anything to save? Well, it’s just a story right?

Still, I have this snake in the back of my head, stating I’m much more then I want to be, and my own voice stating I’m more than I let myself to be, and I kind of think, well, maybe I just created everything as a storyline to cope with my traumas, so I’m in a full blown psychosis…. Yeah, that is how I am coping with the synchronizations, and strange experiences throughout my life, that others kind of have had, if we are all parts of something much bigger, then well, is anything right?

It could also be that I actually relate to the whole savior role, and because of that I become very emotional and scared, it’s probably just a personal trait. It’s like when a song speaks to you, it’s not a personal interaction with singer, it’s just that you are in the exact same feeling as the artist was when recording the piece of ‘art’… when you listen too it, you feel it, and that feeling can be very intense. It’s always intense to feel the same way as another person, but You need to know that it’s your own feelings coming up from the darkness of your past. That is a good thing, and that is how I try to figure out how to change the world in my own way, I don’t have to save the world I just have to change how I perceive it, and the rest will change along with it. Others will try to invade with their thought trains and drama, but it will just blow of as if it wasn’t there to begin with. It’s wonderful to be honest.

I saw the newest episode of “ASH VS EVIL DEAD” yesterday, and In it he is sitting there in an armchair, about to give up and sobbing about being a worthless piece of shit, and yet he is the savior of everyone in that story. I was actually crying with him, because I know exactly how he felt in that moment. It’s not like I am the savior or anything, I just relate to the feeling of trying to help others all the time and being told to love myself instead of interacting with others. It’s a strange thing to relate to though.

I’m just a lost person, trying to figure out the many strange things in the world, nothing more then that. I hope.

All life is Equal, All life is Sacred.
Respect Life, and Life will Respect you.

Slisk Lindqvist

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